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“If I had to sum it up, I would say ‘Lifestyle Expert,’ Molly says of her brand as a blogger, writer and television host.   If you sit down with me I may talk you into doing the Whole Life Challenge, quiz you about your sex life, tell you how to sleep train your child or give you a great decorating tip.  My mission is to inspire women to be true to themselves, live their lives fully and be on purpose.  That is what I’ve dedicated my life to so I have a lot to share.”

Molly lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.  After giving up the fast lane as a hard-driving career woman, Molly settled down into life as a full time Mom. This role came anything but naturally to Molly who was always extremely driven and productive.  Through her experience of adjusting to full time Motherhood, constantly questioning her identity and always asking herself “Am I Bad Mom???”, Molly set out to write this blog and book about her experiences so she could connect with other Moms.

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Am I a Bad Mom
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