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You don’t need an expert to tell you that being a mom is hard work. And I don’t just mean how much WORK it is – diapering, feeding, cleaning, etc. Did you ever stop to think what it would be like to take care of another person’s every need? I mean, EVERY need? Down to scooping their poop on a daily basis? I think when most woman fantasize about Motherhood they think about all the cute things. How cute their baby will be, how good it will feel to love someone other than yourself (ha), how cute all the baby clothes and things are and how cute your nursery will be….it is largely a blown out narcissistic fantasy. Trust me, awaiting moms don’t sit around and fantasize about diaper changing, sleepless nights, months of sleep deprivation, frumpiness, lack of sleep and sex, loss of identity and the abundance of patience and self sacrafice that parenting takes. I certainly didn’t know until I became a parent myself. Now, let’s face it, a lot of Moms just can’t handle it. And they know it. I have friends that say “I could NEVER be a full time Mom.” Kudos to them. They know what they need. And anyone who thinks they should feel ashamed, shame on you. Why can’t a woman want a child, want to be a Mom, but also want a life outside of being a Mom. Where does it say that every Mom has to be a full time Mom to be a good Mom? It would be interesting to do a hidden camera inside a full time Mom’s house and a part time Mom’s house and see how has more patience, more attention span for their child, more presence, more appreciation? Afterall, do children just need you there or do they need the best you they can get when you are there? It’s an age old question.

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