Real Moms Don’t Wear Lipstick!

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First and foremost, why did I call my book Real Moms Don’t Where Lipstick? It speaks to the idea that when we become Moms we give up a lot. A lot of our former self. In some cases, we become a shell of our former self where things that were important before, just aren’t. Like putting on lipstick! Who has time! I feel like so many Moms can relate to this, even gorgeous celebrity Moms. When you have a child your identity completely shifts, even if you maintain the same status at work, something in your core dramatically changes. For so many of us, the old self becomes last priority and for a lot of Moms that means giving up a lot – working out, clothes shopping, going out with friends, looking cute. But it doesn’t have to! It’s all about finding the balance. What I mean by that is not time management. I mean, finding out what works for YOU to be the happiest Mom YOU can be. And to start, we have to stop comparing ourselves to others, because what works for one woman, won’t necessarily work for you.

We women love to do this endless comparison game. Whether it’s about each other’s outfits, boyfriends, husbands, careers, children. It’s how we size ourselves up – by sizing each other up. Let’s face it, don’t you look other women up and down and make an almost immediate judgement about who they are, what they do, if you are better or worse than them? Immediately feelings like admiration, envy, adoration, curiousity pop up. As women we are infinitely curious about ourselves and our inner workings and we often try to discover more of ourselves through other women and how alike or disalike we are.

My Mom always boosted my ego and told me I was great. However, one day she said, “There will always be someone prettier than you.” There was great freedom in that statement because I was able to take myself off the hook for constantly and never-endingly competing in the looks department. I applied it to other areas as well. “There will always be someone smarter, more successful, etc.” The idea is that the only person you have to compete with is yourself – to be the best YOU you can be. you were born with certain assets and some of those are fixed. I have fair, freckled skin. I’m not going to have smooth olive skin no matter how hard I try. But I can play on my features to be the most attractive ME I can be. Freedom.

Same goes with Motherhood. You can be the best Mom YOU can be. Not the Mom your neighbor or best friend is. Stop trying to be someone else and embrace who you are.

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